Whiskey Creek, 2009-2010

Whiskey Creek, 2009-2010

Whiskey Creek is an interdisciplinary and unofficial history of the Whiskey Creek, on Cape Fear, in North Carolina, created in collaboration with artist John Wilkes (NYC) and educator, Jim Nesbit (Wilmington, NC). Through performance, video, sculptural installations, and photographs, Whiskey Creek explores the historical associations of a small, tidal creek along North Carolina's Outer Banks- from its Colonial past and Pirate stories, to the role it played in harboring bootlegged whiskey during Prohibition years.


Photo by John Wilkes, 2009.

ffloating eye whiskey creek.jpg
                    Set shot, Photo John Wilkes, 2009







Set shot, Photo John Wilkes, 2009

whiskey bottles underwater.jpg
nadine in trance whiskey creek.jpg
nadine discovers pewter vein.jpg
whiskey creek ghost house.jpg
nadine sniffing bone.jpg
                       Set shot, photo John Wilkes, 2009.








Set shot, photo John Wilkes, 2009.

nadine with baby jim.jpg